Bardzo dziękujemy za  wszystkie prace zgłoszone na konkurs walentynkowy. Ponieważ prace były bardzo kreatywne postanowiliśmy wyróżnić więcej niż jedną (wszystkie prace wyróżnione do przeczytania poniżej). Prace zostaną nagrodzone oceną 6 oraz  książkami w języku angielskim. Życzymy sukcesów w dalszej pracy twórczej.
Wasi nauczyciele.


When I was in the zoo
I saw you!
You are cool
And your eyes look very full
We like flowers
They’ll all be ours
You are friendly
And I give you a candy
You must be with me
We will travel as far as the sea

Magdalena Sikora class 5


Love is sweet
Really neat
Your heart is warm
It gives me heat
When I see your eyes
I hear a thousand lullabies
When I see your smile
I go denial
I feel like I would be in heaven above
It is simple what I feel to you

Olivia Hodskinson class 5

There was a sweetheart called and she was very funny
And her name was Banny
She had a beautiful smile
And loved sending love e-mails

Some day she was talking with other sweetheart – May
And Banny remembered
‘Oh, it’s Valentine’s Day!’
She went to the city
And asked a celebrity
‘Do you want to meet your love??’
‘If so I will hit you with a love arrow.’

Joanna Dryka class 6


Long, long ago, there was a hunter with a bow. He was in love with the cook who had a dove. The cook was working in a restaurant ‘Below the Happy Ant’.
One day, the hunter came to the restaurant and because he was famous, the restaurant chef left his office, closed the door and said:
‘You must go and hunt a boar’.
‘There will be a party here’.
‘Guests will eat and drink beer’.
Accidentally, the cook heard it. She dropped the knife and left some meat. She ran out, holding a pot. She wanted to see hunter’s victorious shot. She ran into the forest and saw a scene. The arrow flew and there was a scream. The boar escaped, but hurt the hunter, who needed help.
The cook ran to town and called for help. The hunter was saved.
When he went out of the hospital, he married the cook who saved his life.
I’m very sorry, but it’s the end of the story.

Jan Rybojad class 6

The first time I saw you I fell in love
But you were with someone who was also
In love with you
My heart was bleeding and I wanted to go
But I don’t give up
I fight till the end
Because of you …
And then he must go

So god give me a chance so that I won’t dissipate
I go to her
She’s done a thought
And says YES.

LOVE does wonders …

Paweł Głuszak class 1G

Although outside is snowing
Although the wind is blowing
My love is hot like the sun
Like summer in Africa
I think about you all at night
For you I’m going to fight
When I see your eyes
I can’t say the truth or lies
You are my sacrifice
For you I pray to Christ
I want to be with you
Because I still love you

Michał Smyka class 2G

My love is blazing
You’re so amazing
I’m going crazy
My fancy lady
I love you baby
Be my butterfly
Fly so high
That scientist will ask why?
I’ll answer – the reason is lovers high
Remain my valentine
Make me feel fine
Because you’re allllll mine!

thank you for reading
..all rights reserved..
Kacper Sitarz class 2G