Ways of learning English

‘Gladiator’ – a book and a film
This week our English lessons were about the film and the book “Gladiator”. Before watching we had one week to read the book and first lesson we had spent talking about the story.

The book is based on the screenplay from the film and it is really good. It shows nicely every scene from the film so it is simple to imagine adventures of Maximus. It was written in very understandable language so everybody at intermediate level shouldn’t have problem with reading it. The book also contains some exercises at the end to check how much you remember after reading.
The most important thing which makes the film and the book so similar is the fact that story is based on the movie. Not only does the book contain every scene, which was in the film, but also many expressions and phrases which had been said in the film by actors, are the same in the book. Another similarity is that both grip you till the end.
However, there were one or two things which were different. For example, the change of surrounding was shown better in the film. Although they were both based on the same screenplay, there was one scene which wasn’t in the book. It was about resting and having meals by gladiators.
The film and the book were very good but unfortunately I must say that I prefer the movie. It is better to see everything, every feeling of characters than reading about them. But if you didn’t watch the film I would definitely advise you to read the story first, to try to imagine everything in your own way.