Our own English Magazine

It is a great joy for me to announce that a first issue of a new English magazine created by pupils for pupils has just appeared! Several pupils of class IV and class V have decided: we will do something more!
       If so, we meet each Thursday at 2 p.m. and share the ideas concerning our English magazine. The editing board is a group of friends from class IV and class V of the Klonowic Primary School whom I want to say,
It is worth doing something more!

       The students of class IV: Wojtek Kryczka, Kamil Ruciński, Jaś Rybojad and Łukasz Urban.
       The students of class V: Sara Chojęta, Ania Czajkowska, Weronika Herbet, Danusia Krasowska, Agata Lis, Natalia Lozanow, Daria Matlakowska, Maciek Matuszewski, Ewa Ostrowska and Blanka Wrona.
       We invite everyone who wants to join us! Maybe in the future some of you will become professional Polish journalists. Who knows?
       To tell you the truth, I feel great satisfaction and pride that I can coordinate such good plans and actions. I consider that a challenge.
       Dear Readers, please accept the pupils’ work and be their motivation.