Halloween 2007 – class 2G

Everybody knows that on 31st October we celebrate Halloween, and our English teacher decided to make this day special.
For 'apple – bobbing' we brought a lot of apples, candles and two big bowls. To play this game you float apples in a bowl of water and try to bite into an apple without using hands to. The person who bites the apple first will be the first to get married.
The first people who competed were Kasia & Peter M. He chose an apple for her and she chose an apple for him. It started. Peter bit an apple a few seconds later. In spite of having some problems, Kasia finally caught an apple but her hair, face and clothes were wet. Peter was wet too.
But it was great!!!
Everybody were laughing and trying to take photos.
The next were Natalia Mackiewicz & Peter W., Agata & Krzysiek, Aga & Łukasz, Johnny & Edi, Ola & Dani and me & Aga. I was really shocked. My apple was so floppy and I couldn’t bite it. In the long run I did it but ma face was black because of my wasted make – up.
Finally everybody had some photos, the whole classroom was wet and we were eating apples.
Fortunately we managed to make the classroom dry (with some help) but our faces were dirty all day.

I had a great time and I hope we will play apple – bobbing next year too. What’s more I don’t have a cold yet 🙂